【杰出箴】Dear fellow students,We all feel concerned when seeing leftovers piled in the bins ofthe canteen. To arouse our awareness of saving food, our school isto launch a campaign against food waste.As for us students. please dont order food that we cant finish.Furthermore. lets remind each other to clear the plate all the timeor pack leftovers home.Treasuring food is a Chinese traditional virtue. Remember,every grain comes after hard work. lets save food and do it fromnow!The Student Uniun


【试题明确要求】>假设你是王华,你所处的陕西国际性学校要公开征集一封英文一封,以致于意力战在抵抗新式流感病毒肺结核前线的护理人员,请你依照以下关键点写一封信用作征稿。>文本主要包括:1抒发敬意;2对个人体会;3抒发自信心>特别注意:1词数100以内;2能适度减少技术细节,以使措词相联;3结尾语和结语Luzy你写好。入参照词语:霍乱epidemic疫情epidemic situation新式流感病毒novelcoronavirus

【杰出箴】Dear Medical workers,I am Li Hua, a high middle school student in shanxi. lm writing toexpress sincere gratitude to you all for your devotion and sacrifice in thisbattle against the Novel Coronavirus.In this epidemic, it is you who, despite the lack of equipment and thepotential of infection, desperately rescue those infected but striving for life.It is also you who have shed new light on the virus with expertise to build upour confidence to defeat it.

lt is you who deserve all the admiration and love!I can never express our thankfulness too much for your selflesscontribution. lts widely believed that our joint efforts China will win thebattle and make a quick recovery.Good luck and stay well!


【试题明确要求】>2022年上海-张家口冬奥将如期在上海和张家口举办。为了确保冬奥圆满成功,组委会发起了志愿者招募公益活动,假如你是学生王华,希望能成为其中一员,请按明确要求用英文给组委会写一封申请信。>文本主要包括:1对个人情况:2自身优势:3服务承诺,>参照词语:2022上海张家口冬奥2022Beiiing-ZhangiiakouWinter Olympic Games

【杰出箴】Dear Sir/Madam,My name is Li Hua. l would like to work as volunteer for 2022Beijing-Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Games.

Im a boy of eighteen years old from a high school. My spoken Englishis good and l can communicate with foreigners fluently. Whats more, l have otheradvantages - Im especially fond of sports, familiar with Beijing.

good at communication and always glad to help other. im willing to providethe best service for every athlete in Winter Olympic Games. Therefore,I think lm suitable for serving the Games.I would appreciate it if you could offer me the chance to be avolunteer.Thank you!Yours,Li Hua



【杰出箴】Dear Tom,I am highly grateful for your concern about my countrys anti-poverty,which is considered a wonder. i happened to spend the Spring Festival livingin my grandpas home,which is surrounded with mountains.

in the past, the people there were so poor that it was not easy to get enoughfood to feedthemselves. let alone beautiful clothing and spacious buildings. Some teenswere forced to drop out of school to go out working in cities.

Now with the help of the government and all the people from the richareas, all of them have gotten out of absolute poverty. Every family lives innewly-built flats.even some of them owning cars.

children can enjoy free education and the elderly are provided with free access

to free health care.I hope you can visit our country and feel the great changes.Yours,Li Hua



【杰出箴】As we all know, the time of 5G technology is coming, it is calledthe fourth industrial revolution,future of computer science lies in theartificial intelligence.

it is the research and artificial simulation of human thought andeventually be able to make a human like to thinkthe same machine,for human services and to help people solve problems.After all,people thought it was unique,there are feelings,there area variety of character,this will be very difficult to achieve in themachine.

in fact,to do the same as the human thinking machine,theonly one of the artificial intelligence, is by no means all. Through thestudy of artificial intelligence , it can resolve all kinds of scientificproblems.

promote the development of other science will have a greatimpact on all peoples lives.l believe that the science of artificialintelligence is waiting for humanity to explore it step by step.


【试题明确要求】>假设你是王华,你在美国夏令营认识的朋友Mike给你来信说他最近沉迷于电脑难以控制。请你给他回一封信,告诉他网瘾可能会导致成绩下降、健康状况恶化、损害家庭关系等问题,并提出一些建议。>参照词语:沉溺于be/become addictedto 网瘾:Internet addiction

【杰出箴】Dear Jack,I am glad to hear from you. As your close friend, id like to talkabout the harm of internet addiction to vou as i feel worried to knowthat you have wasted lots of valuable time playing the lnternet games.

As we know, the lnternet is a convenient tool to improve ourknowledge and skills. However, our life will be greatly affected if weare addicted to it.

For example your grades may go down and yourhealth will be going from bad to worse. To make things worse, it canalso damage the relationship with your family.

So l think it is high timethat you got rid of the bad habit. lt is a good idea for you to read some

meaningful books and do some physical exercise.I am looking forward to hearing your good news soon.Yours,Li Hua


【试题明确要求】>假如你是王华,你的美国笔友David准备组织一个走进中国(Approach to China)的公益活动,他写信请你帮忙策划一下公益活动文本并介绍一下有中国特色的元素,以便让他的同学更好地了解中国。请你用英文写一封回信。>明确要求:1100字以内;2需主要包括至少两个中国元素。>参照词语:一带一路倡议OneBeltand One Road Initiative吉祥物 mascot

【杰出箴】Dear David.Im glad to know that you are launching a campaign "Approach toChina aiming to introduce your peers to a thriving china and be ofsome help.From my perspective,the activities may range from Chinesecalligraphy competition to paper cutting, martial arts.

appreciation of Beijing Opera and so on. As for Chinese elementsthe Great Wall with a long history symbolizes the national fightingspirits while high-speed railway representing the cutting-edgetechnology takes the lead in theworld.Chinas booming economy is marked with mobile payment andOne Belt and One Road Initiative.By the way, mascots like pandas and Monkey King will enjoy greatpopularity among participants.